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From Clients


Dear Mr. Holder:     
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your services.  Throughout all of our court dates, I had butterflies in my stomach with every appearance until our last one.  It felt so great walking into the courthouse, knowing that my attorney has been there every step of the way, in both the juvenile and adult courts and that you never gave up on me despite the series of troubles I kept getting myself into.  Now, in just a few weeks, I will be off probation and you will be able to clean up my criminal record.  Having that chance brings me and my parents tremendous hope for my future.  -BR         

I thought I would be able to represent myself and do my own legal paperwork to have my case expunged.  Because I had violated my probation multiple times, the court denied my petition to clean up my criminal record.  Nine years after my criminal conviction, I was still paying the price for something I had done years ago.  When I contacted other lawyers, they told me: “that’s the way the law works.”  Then I found Ken, who said my case had a very winnable chance if we went to court and presented my law-abiding life after my probation ended.  Most lawyers I had dealt with simply wanted to send my paperwork into the court and take a “wait and see” approach.  I couldn’t wait that long.  I was trying to interview for a promotion at work and needed my background cleaned up quickly.  Ken said that waiting was nonsense and could take up to four months to even hear back on my decision.  He scheduled a court date immediately and personally went to the court in less than a month.  He explained to our judge that the law did, in fact, permit a court to consider my law-abiding life despite my struggles with probation over 7 years ago.  To my surprise, the judge hearing my case actually thanked Ken for explaining a part of the law that she had never considered before.  She granted my expungement on the same day.  Today, I have a clean record, a great job and there is nothing standing in my way thanks to Ken’s remarkable effort.  -ND       

I am the mother of a grown daughter who has been in and out of trouble with the law throughout her adulthood.  She was faced with multiple years in state prison and had lost custody of her kids to an uncaring social system.  Their father would not even permit my grandchildren to spend time with me.  When a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Ken, he realized that there were significant issues with my daughter that went far beyond mere breaking the law.  Even though our court system had run out of patience with her and obviously no longer cared, Ken never ran out of patience.  He organized a series of programs that not only kept her out of prison, but today, she has a healthy pattern of visitation with her children and I am able to spend time with all three of my grandkids whenever I want.  The thing that really highlights Ken’s relationship with his clients, he is always there.  He’s the one who actually answers his own phone and even after our daughter’s case is long over, he still takes the time to talk to us to make sure my family is doing okay. -RS

From Other Attorneys

Ken Holder is an honest attorney who makes it a point to keep close contact with his clients regarding the status of their cases.  Every one of the clients I have referred to Ken (both family law and criminal matters) have been pleased with his work. -SA       

I have referred clients to Mr. Holder in the past and they have always been pleased with his work. He has also shown good professional judgment by disclosing to me when a certain matter is outside the scope of his practice. If Mr. Holder agrees to take a case, I know that he can and will do a great job. -BB


Daniel C Grupenhagen
Daniel Grupenhagen, Criminal Defense Attorney in Huntington Beach, CA 

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Holder is an excellent attorney. He is unlike anyone I know as he is extremely patient with his clients. He will not only work for you, he will listen and work with you. He would be my choice to handle a criminal or family matter

Levon Kyurkchyan
Levon Kyurkchyan, Criminal Defense Attorney in Glendale, CA  

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Holder has a unique approach to his cases that benefit his clients. I find him to be very different in his dedication to the client's case and his approach in helping them out compared to most attorneys who just couldn't care less. I have worked with Mr. Holder over the years and I recommend this attorney to handle your matter."
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